What is My Home Worth?

Technology has made great strides in evaluating properties in recent years, but the best computer programs available can not equal the strengths of a qualified and local Real Estate Agent in determining the actual market value of your home.  Two homes with the same floorplan, age, square footage, and lot size can vary drastically in value.

A redone kitchen, an updated bathroom, or even new windows not only make a home more appealing than another, but can also dramatically influence the market value. Additionally, evaluating a home for the purposes of selling it may yield a different price then that of an appraisal for a refinance.

To obtain the most accurate and current value of your home, use a qualified professional.  Bev and Alex specialize in selling homes in your immediate area and will do that for you and at no cost to you.

Your home is usually your most significant investment and consequently choosing the right agent to evaluate its value is an important decision. There are no costs to you in connection with this service. It is our hope to establish a relationship with you and assist you in any of your Real Estate needs, both now, and in the future.

1. Contact Us.
Normally the closest Dilbeck office to your home is where you will find an agent with experience in your area to conduct an analysis. Bev and Alex specialize in the foothill and surrounding areas.

2. Arrange an appointment.
Bev and Alex ask for any additional information regarding your home to make the analysis as accurate as possible. It is imperative that the Bev and Alex actually have the opportunity to see your home prior to providing you with the market analysis. The appearance and subtle amenities of an individual residence can have a profound effect on its value. An evaluation conducted solely on available computer will not reflect current market conditions and many other variables.